Alexandra Cowen

Alexandra combines business, behavioural economics, marketing, content hubs and design thinking to develop meaningful, differentiated, and authentic brands for companies big and small, start-ups or stalwarts. She doesn’t just come up with what’s cool- but helps you craft the message and content your customers want to hear and one that you can deliver on.

Alexandra has seen first-hand how the power of brand and content hubs can elevate a company from a commodity to a valued partner; how it can rescue a business from the trenches of an impossible-to-win price war, and how it can motivate employees and customers alike to become full-fledged fans. She develops the tools and shows you how to use them. The rest is up to you.




David F.

IT engineer. David has been in the game since he could put knowledge to reason. Having successfully set up and sold four companies he will share his knowledge and expertise for you to build your own.


Our Mission begins and ends with a simple goal: uplifting you from where you are, to where you have the potential to be.

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