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Alexandra is a marketer with a grounding in neuropsychology.  She holds an M.Ed, an MRes, PGCE, a B.A in Linguistics, and professional training in Behavioral Economics and Marketing.

As a language consultant, Alexandra discovered the power of storytelling in the most challenging of environments, the development of children with social, emotional & behavioural difficulties.  This led to her studying the impact visual images have on neuro and psychosocial development.

Her move into marketing allowed Alexandra to focus on the practical application of those skills in implementing change, whether through coaching or assisting businesses to refocus their marketing approach.

Such a background prepared Alexandra for her present role as CRO at forMarketer and Executive Inbound Strategy Consultant, assisting marketing teams provide greater value for their customers and thereby drive revenue. “Externally marketing is about telling a story. Internally it is about a brand working together to provide powerful, unique, original, value-added customer experiences and perfect information that audiences won’t find elsewhere and doing it cost-effectively”.

Besides her knowledge of in-house sales and marketing, Alexandra specializes in content marketing clouds, content paths and personalised customer experience, being a powerful enhancer of ABM strategy for inbound marketing.  This enables her to assist client marketing teams and agencies to improve radically the efficiency and impact of their content marketing whilst targeting spend more productively.

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