Account-based marketing essentially unites sales and marketing to land and expand accounts. Marketing needs to make it easy for sales teams to access and deliver the right, consistent content experiences either through email outreach or content paths delivered in content hub format to prospects.

In order for it to be scalable, content paths need to be measured and tracked. This will provide you with insight into which ABM destinations are driving traffic and conversions.

Such an account-based marketing plan will help your marketing team track content engagement as well as assist your sales reps to nurture leads as they will have direct assess to the numbers behind which accounts are engaging with which programs across your channels.  

So, who owns the Account-Based Marketing strategy?

As ABM needs to drive engagement to accelerate the sales cycle, marketing oversees creating personalized experiences that promote sharing across the buying committee. But this can’t happen without buy-in from the sales team. In order for marketing to be able to dramatically personalize account experience, sales need to provide insights from their CRM and one to one customer experience on their prospects’ company, industry, purchasing intent, pain points, frictions, setbacks, psychology and more… Large sales teams have traditionally always worked with an ‘account-based focus’. With Account-Based Marketing, it’s time for Marketing to jump on the bandwagon too. 

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Is account-based marketing best run by sales or marketing? Well, ABM needs to be spearheaded by marketing with buy-in from the CEO and sales. It’s marketing’s role to create an account-based marketing plan with personalized branded destinations, account-specific CTAs, logos, branding, and custom messaging that sales can use when targeting any specific account. This can only be done through tight inter-team collaboration.

An engaging account-based marketing plan by way of content hubs or paths is a great way for marketing teams to target accounts ensuring that content is relevant, the layout is customized, branding is personalized and encourages a self-nurturing message meeting prospects at their relevant mindset.


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